About Us

Miltos Salvage Solutions is an online marketplace that connects insurance companies, surveyors, and other sellers with buyers who are looking for salvage and reclaimed insurance assets. Our platform offers sealed-bid auctions for the transparent and efficient buying and selling of damaged, distressed, obsolete, old, rejected, abandoned, secondhand, or otherwise unwanted assets, capital equipment, cargo, and merchandise.

We are a team of experienced professionals with a deep understanding of the salvage industry. We believe that creating a broader marketplace for the trade of salvage and scrap benefits both the industry and the economy. As a result of our e-auctions and online listings, we have helped the insurance and manufacturing industries to maximize recovery and minimize loss from salvage.

Our open trading platform allows clients to easily determine the value of goods sold. Our e-auction module is dynamic, user-friendly, transparent, and secure. Our broad database and extensive network in the industry integrate enterprises and improve buyer-seller-customer relationships.

We are proud to offer this pioneering salvage management facility to the benefit of our clients. We believe that Miltos Salvage Solutions is the best way to maximize the value of your salvage assets.